252044  Apply the principles of knowledge management 

252037  Build teams to achieve goals and objectives 

252020  Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation 

252032  Develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan 

252027  Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain workplace relationships 

252021  Formulate recommendations for a change process 

252029  Lead people development and talent management 

252043  Manage a diverse work force to add value 

252034  Monitor and evaluate team members against performance standards 

252025  Monitor, assess and manage risk 

252035  Select and coach first line managers 

120300  Analyse leadership and related theories in a work context 

252026  Apply a systems approach to decision making 

252036  Apply mathematical analysis to economic and financial information. 

252042  Apply the principles of ethics to improve organisational culture 

252022  Develop, implement and evaluate a project plan 

252040  Manage the finances of a unit 

12433    Use communication techniques effectively 

114600  Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business 

242830  Conduct a security threat assessment in a defined operational area 

15227  Conduct skills development administration in an organisation 

251965  Create awareness and promote a culture of risk avoidance through advocacy activities 

10462  Demonstrate an understanding of cement technology 

10464  Demonstrate an understanding of lime technology 

12761  Demonstrate an understanding of macroeconomic principles as they apply to the South African business environment 

115473  Demonstrate and apply an understanding of the legal aspects of an auction 

13952  Demonstrate basic understanding of the Primary labour legislation that impacts on a business unit 

242668  Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993 (OHSA) (as amended) and the responsibilities of management in terms of the Act 

114212  Explain the impact of organisational wellness on a business environment and indicate a strategy for a business unit 

10980  Induct a new employee 

119796  Monitor and control quality assurance procedures in a food or sensitive consumer product environment 

242829  Monitor the level of service to a range of customers 

114592  Produce business plans for a new venture 

116973  Read and interpret process, electrical, instrumentation and construction drawings 

15228  Advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management system for skills development practices in an organisation 

243266  Align activities of own business unit with others in the retail business 

252030  Analyse compliance to legal requirements and recommend corrective actions 

243270  Analyse market needs and trends and source and price pre-owned vehicles 

243267  Apply and continuously improve company policies and procedures 

15234  Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section 

258126  Apply facilities management principles 

15236  Apply financial analysis 

252023  Apply financial practices and ratio analysis 

252175  Apply principles of marketing to sport 

120303  Apply principles of risk management 

252031  Apply the principles and concepts of emotional intelligence to the management of self and others 

244315  Assess threat for security installation purposes 

10047  Close a deal with a customer 

254454  Co-ordinate public relations and liaison with the media for athletes and sport teams 

258137  Collate, interpret and utilise financial information in a Real Estate business 

244330  Compile a threat and risk assessment for a close protection operation 

255514  Conduct a disciplinary hearing 

251967  Conduct disaster risk assessment 

117853  Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations 

115753  Conduct outcomes-based assessment 

12999  Contribute to the management of costs and the enhancement of value 

15232  Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation 

252180  Coordinate the logistics of a sports team on tour 

115855  Create, maintain and update record keeping systems 

252189  Deal with sub standard performance in a team 

117023  Demonstrate a working knowledge of the Insolvency Act of 1936 and the Messenger of the Court Act (Act 32 of 1994) 

119801  Demonstrate an understanding of microbiological principles and its application in a food handling environment. 

116967  Demonstrate an understanding of national water related authorisation procedures 

258123  Demonstrate an understanding of real estate economics in the South African context 

255495  Demonstrate an understanding of the sectoral determination for the wholesale and retail sector 

114274  Demonstrate and apply an understanding of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (Act 75 of 1997) 

116998  Demonstrate knowledge of advanced processes for treating water 

117005  Demonstrate knowledge of environmental management tools for permitting and auditing in the water services sector 

116969  Demonstrate knowledge of good financial management practices 

116985  Demonstrate knowledge of industrial effluent permitting 

116971  Demonstrate knowledge of pollution Incident management and remediation 

116968  Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and processes of environmental costs and water service charges 

116982  Demonstrate knowledge of water quality control 

116979  Demonstrate knowledge of water related legislation and the responsibilities of management in terms of the acts 

116984  Demonstrate knowledge of water resources management 

116977  Demonstrate the use of simulation software to understand the principal mechanisms in wastewater treatment and sludge production processes 

120480  Demonstrate understanding of crime prevention 

117003  Demonstrate understanding of sections of the occupational health and safety act (act 85 of 1993) applicable to the water sector 

263976  Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes-based education and training approach within the context of a National Qualifications Framework 

120484  Demonstrate understanding of the principles of common law crimes and statutory law offences 

252033  Demonstrate ways of dealing with the effects of dread diseases and in particular HIV/AIDS 

252039  Develop a plan to combat corruption 

252188  Develop a programme for adventure based learning (abl) experiences 

15219  Develop and implement a strategy and action plans for a team, department or division 

251964  Develop and implement disaster risk reduction plans 

10070  Develop and implement marketing plan in line with marketing strategy 

10067  Develop customer needs and relationships 

258135  Develop, implement and control administration of Real Estate systems, policies and procedures 

10043  Develop, implement and manage a project/activity plan 

13015  Draft financial statements 

15224  Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks 

251962  Establish and co-ordinate forums for disaster risk management in a specific environment 

10066  Establish customer needs and relationships 

252182  Establish sustainable organisational structures for sport 

116484  Evaluate a specified code of ethics and/or code of conduct 

252024  Evaluate current practices against best practice 

252181  Explain the role of governance structures in sport 

252184  Facilitate participation in an adventure based activity 

10054  Identify and manage areas of customer service impact 

10048  Identify brand mix elements 

10045  Identify product features, advantages and benefits to the customer 

258138  Implement and maintain legal requirements within a Real Estate business 

15229  Implement codes of conduct in the team, department or division 

251966  Implement disaster risk management principles in response, recovery, relief and rehabilitation activities 

116926  Implement skills development as workplace learning to support organisational transformation 

15226  Implement systems to meet the flow of information in a team, department or division 

15223  Implement training needs for teams and individuals to upgrade skills levels 

116972  Implement water reticulation and sanitation systems at the customer interface 

263376  Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of quality management system 

11286  Institute disciplinary action 

258120  Integrate the principles of Agricultural property ownership into Real Estate sales and marketing functions 

258125  Integrate the principles of Commercial/Industrial property ownership into Real Estate sales and marketing functions 

251961  Interpret and integrate disaster risk management theory into programmes and activities according to the Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Framework 

114226  Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace 

119159  Maintain manufacturing efficiencies 

252183  Maintain safety in the conduct of adventure based learning activities 

258122  Manage a business broking business or division 

258117  Manage a Real Estate franchise business 

255496  Manage a training intervention 

258119  Manage an auctioneering business or division 

116974  Manage and maintain water or wastewater reticulation 

243265  Manage assets of a business unit 

255498  Manage cold chain processes in a wholesale and retail unit 

258116  Manage community schemes 

10053  Manage customer requirements and needs and implement action plans 

244031  Manage dangerous goods logistics 

116928  Manage diversity in the workplace 

11911  Manage individual careers 

9897  Manage inventory 

114925  Manage learner information using an information management system 

114925  Manage learner information using an information management system 

252177  Manage participants with disabilities in sport 

255500  Manage procedures that increase the nett income of a wholesale and retail unit 

335917  Manage productivity in a Wholesale and Retail unit 

242650  Manage project finances 

258121  Manage Real Estate business operations 

255499  Manage shrinkage and losses in a wholesale and retail unit 

7863  Manage staff development 

255497  Manage stock holding procedures in a wholesale and retail unit 

252176  Manage the business components of a sport organisation 

243268  Manage the capture, storage and retrieval of business unit information 

116970  Manage the disposal of effluents, solids and sludge from a wastewater treatment works in terms of relevant legislation and guidelines 

258124  Manage the marketing, selling and leasing of properties 

258115  Manage the marketing, selling and leasing of property developments 

252179  Manage Volunteers in sport 

116980  Manage water treatment processes 

252028  Manage working capital 

258118  Market, sell and lease community schemes 

243269  Measure customer satisfaction within a business unit and recommend corrective action 

116994  Monitor and control anaerobic and aerobic sludge digestion processes 

117008  Monitor and control the mechanisms and processes of sludge thickening, dewatering and drying 

117000  Monitor and control the mechanisms of aerobic processes comprising of activated sludge, biofilter processes, ponds and wetlands 

243948  Monitor and maintain health, safety and security 

10052  Monitor handling of customers by frontline customer service 

15230  Monitor team members and measure effectiveness of performance 

119166  Optimise manufacturing processes 

119800  Optimise product and process quality in a food or sensitive consumer product environment 

254463  Organise and administer a sport tournament 

258136  Perform market assessments 

252187  Plan and conduct leading and mentoring of participants in outdoor adventure experiences 

114885  Prepare and communicate a productivity improvement plan for a functional unit 

252038  Prepare and manage a budget 

12997  Prepare financial reports and returns 

252186  Prepare to lead and conduct physical activities 

262380  Produce a business plan for a small business 

252041  Promote a learning culture in an organisation 

252185  Promote sustainable use of the environment 

15221  Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues 

15214  Recognise areas in need of change, make recommendations and implement change in the team, department or division 

12996  Record, analyse and prepare cost information 

12140  Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions 

255494  Schedule staff 

15220  Set, monitor and measure the achievement of goals and objectives for a team, department or division within an organisation 

252178  Support sport or fitness participation for people living with HIV/AIDS 

116975  Undertake regulatory environmental auditing in the water sector 

251963  Utilise communication and information management systems 

264407  Analyse the strategy and external environment of the entity in relation to a function 

264403  Apply problem-solving techniques to make decisions on a multi-faceted problem 

264400  Apply the principles of corporate governance and ethics in a function 

264416  Appraise, develop and retain human capital for a function 

115759  Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments 

243474  Contribute to and implement a marketing strategy for the motor retail business 

243352  Develop a motor retail business brand 

251968  Develop and manage funding mechanisms for disaster risk management 

263978  Develop plans for implementing learnerships and apprenticeships 

243353  Develop the motor retail business to deliver brand promise 

243351  Enhance relationships with strategic partners of a motor retail business 

264398  Evaluate and plan the role of self as leader in a function 

264395  Formulate a strategy and an implementation plan for a function 

243473  Integrate, co-ordinate and optimise all the business units within a retail motor business 

243472  Lead and develop human resources to meet the critical skills shortages and diverse needs of the motor retail business 

243471  Manage and improve communication processes for a motor retail business 

264408  Manage and improve communication processes in a function 

243355  Manage and improve motor retail business operations to optimise profit performance 

263982  Manage assessment in a learning organisation 

116811  Manage learning at an education, training and development provider 

264406  Manage relationships with strategic partners to improve the performance of a function 

264405  Manage the information and institutional knowledge within a function 

114922  Provide guidance on the strategic governance of NQF implementation by education, training and development providers 

243354  Provide, use and manage information and information systems for a motor retail business 

243475  Review and revise a performance management system for the motor retail business 

264409  Use negotiation in multi-faceted situations to achieve the objectives of a function 

116587  Develop, support and promote RPL practices 

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